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Boost your traffic from search engines.  Long term, high quality.

Solid visibility and long-term traffic

Your future customers are going to find you through online search. If you are not visible online in today’s internet world, it will be hard to get ahead of your competition.

A targeted and effective SEO strategy ensures visibility in top positions of search engine results. Once in place, SEO optimizations guarantee that your website will produce high quality leads and sales that lasts for years.

Our SEO agency and experience allows us to professionally handle the hundreds of factors that determine how search engines rank your website.

How our SEO Agency can help you

The accomplishments of our SEO agency are as remarkable as they are various: from local SEO for small local shops in the neighborhood to international SEO for major brands, our success comes from our heterogeneity and our experience: digital marketers and data scientists having evolved in all areas of the digital world: in agencies, in companies, in research laboratories, and in professional training organizations.


SEO Consulting

We help you clarify your SEO goals to implement a hardheaded strategy together, whether it’s for your internal marketing teams that need support and guidance, or as an exclusive SEO partner agency by your side.


Market Study

A solid market research consists of examining all the keywords and lexical fields related to your activity as well as auditing the SERP rankings of your competitors in order to adapt your SEO strategy towards high-level performance.


Technical Audits

We provide SEO audits that deeply analyze your website code and structure. This allows us to ensure that search engines are able to effectively discover, explore and index your web pages for maximum visibility and reach.


SEO On-Site

We examine the arrangement of your website, its internal architecture and other key elements that are weighted in the search engine algorithms to improve the relevance and alignment of your SEO strategy in regards to keyword targeting.


Penalty Recovery

Our team of SEO consultants analyzes the quality of your link profile and provides cleanup recommendations to help your website recover from Google’s algorithmic penalties such as Panda & Penguin, as well as manual actions from the Google Quality Team.


Link Building

Link-building has often been put aside in SEO strategies given the level of expertise and the time it requires. Strengthening your inbound link profile includes content marketing, public relations, and outreach to get people talking about your brand.


Content Marketing

The backbone of any digital marketing campaign is the creation and promotion of rich and unique content. Our team of SEO writers helps you to be heard by establishing with you a winning editorial strategy that will attract your prospects and people related to your audience.


Reporting & Analysis

We love data … providing you with detailed monthly reports on your visibility, your traffic, and your conversions is for us the strict minimum of the quality of an SEO service. Being able to analyze the performance of your SEO campaigns is the necessary condition to always progress.


SEO in 2018

Pretty things in perspective for this year, with an increasingly prominent importance of the mobile aspect (Google Mobile First Index, AMP technology), the semantic aspect (semantic cocoon), voice research (questions) and rich data (Google Rich Snippets).

GeoLocal SEO

More than 20% of all search requests on Google involve a keyword related to a geographical location. We can focus your marketing efforts to target the locations that are most valuable for your business.

Get your business on the map

Getting noticed among the ever-increasing online competition is crucial in today’s digital world.

Having a great website is important, but without visibility and traffic, it will have little to no effect for your profit. We are here to make sure that you have both a great website and maximum visibility and traffic.

Your website might look great, but if nobody sees it, your missing huge potential. Previously, visibility in search for business was held by the phone companies and their yellow page directory. However, this has changed. Today business search is done on the internet and is largely controlled by Google.

We aim to increase the visibility of your business in just the right places and just the right time. We help you identify and refine your target market like a Pro.

Target the audiences who matter most

It’s not about the number of keywords you have. It’s more about the quality of those keywords and the impact they have on your target audience.

Do these visits turn into leads or sales? Identifying and targeting the right people with the right message is key.

We design and custom build the best strategies and systems to achieve just this.

Universal SEO

92% of search traffic does not look past the first page of Google. The importance of being in top results for your brand and for your products is crucial to achieving sales, leads and goals. This is where we come in.

Fundamental rules of SEO

A clean technical base

Making your content technically easy to be accessed by search engines is fundamental. A powerful website essential has to start with a healthy SEO base.

This involves optimizing the code used for the structure of your site, the speed of loading your pages and the optimization for mobile devices. Internet browsing on smartphones are now surely exceeding the number of searches coming from our desktop computers.

2018 will be a pivotal year for mobile. Google is now completely using mobile versions of websites to calculate the universal positioning for all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).

SEO technique

Content strategy to the MAX

Developing your websites hierarchy and subsequent content strategy is critical to reaching your target audience.

Keyword research is the cornerstone of your site’s architecture. Smart design allows you to address all topics of interest in and around your prospect’s interests.

Over the years, search algorithms and search engines (especially Google) have come even closer to natural human behavior: a semantic approach to SEO is the future of organic referencing.

Brand reputation and influence

Since the advent of social networks, a brand’s image and reputation on the web is becoming ever more a priority. Maintaining an influential online presence will allow you to achieve your goals with an assertiveness to win.

Whether through the quantity or quality of links that point to your site, businesses need to build a legitimate and authoritative reputation on the web. This should be done not only with your target audience but also among your competitors.

Being on top of your industry with a brand name that instils confidence will make you a dominant actor online. This notoriety will help ensure that search engines place your business in top results as an expert in your field.

SEO acquisition de liens

A unique SEO agency methodology

1. SEO analysis of your website

Technical performance

Verification of essential SEO files: Robots.txt and XML sitemaps.

Validation of code quality and proper indexation of pages. Correction of crawl errors found in Google’s robots.

2018 is the year when Google gives significantly more consideration and weight to websites that load fast. A website’s loading speeds will directly and significantly affect the visibility and position on Google’s search results.

2018 will mark the move to Google’s “Mobile First Indexing.” This means that Google will now rely solely on the mobile performance of websites to rank in its search engine, even for desktop results. This is a major priority on our SEO checklist.

Apart from the usual positioning factors, we must now also take into account the development of visibility and the enhanced understanding of your website’s content. Having well-defined structured data allows Google to better understand your content in order to rank it better and in the best possible way. This will also allow you to gain visibility in search engines with additional elements to improve click rates. Some of these additional snippets include recommendations, event dates, prices, site links, etc.

UX is now a major factor of importance when analysing the behavior of users on your site. An ergonomically well-crafted website will provide your visitors with increased user comfort. Optimizing these behavioral statistics (bounce rate, time on site, number of pages viewed), will be significantly taken more into account by Google’s algorithms when displaying search results.

Content and netlinking strategy

We analyze the current positions of your site for all the keywords in which your site is visible for. We also identify which pages are currently capturing these keywords. This allows us to have an overview of your entire content strategy and then design and build optimizations to boost Google’s result positions for your website.

We review your website’s content including the number of words, convincing copy and the use of appropriate lexical and semantic fields.

Providing a consistent internal linking strategy within your site allows Google to navigate your site in a way that you want. This also allows for the optimal indexation of your content and website throughout.

We analyze the number of links pointing to your website, and especially their quality. With today’s algorithms, it is not good to have links from sites of poor quality or ones that are under Google’s penalty. Our goal is to optimize your backlink profile by identifying and taking action based on quality and opportunity. We will recommend which backlinks to remove, and which ones to obtain.

2. SEO research study for your specific market

Lexical and semantic auditing makes it possible to identify all the research behaviors around your enterprise. Which types of search queries do your users use? Transactional, informational, or navigational? What terms do they use? Do they express themselves in a different way from yourself? We collect all available data to understand your audience and then offer them content that is adapted to their inquiry. This significantly maximizes your online visibility and conversion rates.

We produce competitive benchmarking audits and analysis with the objective to identify the best and worst methods that your competitors are currently using online. This audit will outline how you can exploit your competitor’s weaknesses and take action to gain the lead.

3. SEO recommendations and implementation

We provide you the latest technical recommendations to optimize the loading speed of your website: caching, resource minimization, expiration of elements.

Thanks to our comprehensive lexical and competitive audits, we will be able to provide you with an optimal and unique website hierarchy. This design is based on your objectives and the intention of your users.

According to you hierarchy, we will define themes to target on each page of your website which is then surrounded by keywords that answer the request of internet user. With the advancement of voice search, this strategy will become more and more important. We show you the main keywords for which you will have to position yourself. Advanced techniques include avoiding the “cannibalization” aspect: when the same keyword targets multiple pages. This dilutes the effect of your SEO strategy.

We make sure they are all good: Meta Title Tags, Meta Description, H1 Titles, Alt Text Image Attributes.

Metadata has significant weight in the positioning of your pages. We design and implement the metadata to be used on each page of your website.

With traffic volume, we are able to show you how your visitors behave on your site in the moments before conversion. Identifying these paths and improving them allow for long-term conversion rate growth. Through testing, we can remove inefficiencies and blocks along conversion paths.

In addition to your SEO implementation, we will also design and launch AdWords campaigns using the same content. This will allow you to acquire ultra-qualified traffic almost immediately. Combined with our unique AdWords scripting technology, exceptional results are rarely unseen.

Every month we provide you a complete report on the key metrics and main points of your marketing accounts. You can be sure to know exactly what has evolved and the next step modifications to be made.

Frequently asked questions

Organic referencing, also called SEO, is the application of various search engine optimization strategies to improve the visibility of a website on search engine results in order to attract highly targeted traffic.

SEO strategies are designed and implemented by our agency. We provide a wide range of services including :

  • technical optimizations (loading speed, mobile response).
  • editorial optimizations (website hierarchy, quality web content, internal linking).
  • inbound link profile optimizations (authoritative backlinks).

Google recommends being careful with agencies that promise to achieve all goals, such as a certain number of leads per month at a very low introductory price. 

Usually, agencies that promise these types of offers are often times impossible to predict. Google’s algorithm changes frequently and it is impossible for an SEO agency to foretell with certainty the results one can achieve. Our role is to apply industry best practices and often times, we exceed our expected goals.

Variant Marketing is an SEO agency that makes every effort to apply the smartest and cleanest SEO practices in order to provide our clients with the highest level of benefits and results.

Although we can not anticipate your position on this or that keyword at first, we can guarantee you an increase in your online visibility and can bring high-quality traffic via the search engines by executing on the topics queried by the Internet users who are interested in you.

Make your site an authority in your field, allows us to position our clients’ websites to target a wide range of keywords. Including short tail with generic keywords & high volume to long tail with more specific keywords & lower volume.

Our SEO agency provides clients with some of the best and highest value custom-built services in the world. Come meet our SEO experts and see how we can intently manage your SEO strategy, implementation, and management.

With over 200 different ranking signals, it’s hard to predict how long it will take to get you to where you want to be. Unfortunately, it does depend on many little factors. However, the accumulation of all these little things end-up adding up to be a lot. They often times include :

  • the am0unt of competition in your business.
  • the keywords that are chosen.
  • the initial state of your website.

SEO is a long-term investment that is, in our experience, the most valuable and important thing a company can do to position them for future growth today.

Frequently, no change in structure or design is necessary to optimize your website. However, often times the best results come from modifications.

A lot of the work our SEO agency performs is in the CMS. Commonly, our customers choose to have us make the changes for them. However, we can also provide clear guidelines if you prefer to either implement our SEO design internally or by your developer.

We sometimes are confronted with SEO projects with major problems due to Google penalties. Algorithm updates like Penguin (acquisition of spammy links) or Panda (weak content), can render sites off SEO search results. We can help you get your penalty deleted and or fix your website when specific penalty problems occur. Contact us to find out how we can get your site back on the search results.

We use a variety of tools to define many types of keywords across diverse industries.

For each type of potential query, we look for these elements:

  • search volume
  • it’s relevance to your business
  • the likelihood of it leading to sales
  • competitiveness

Even though keyword research is neverending, our agency often times focuses on thematic research and lexical study to help us remain relevant long-term.

 Today’s developments of Google’s algorithms have been coming more comprehensive with Machine Learning and semantic relationship mathematics. SEO is at a turning point and themes and topics are at the forefront of our strategies.

It is now less about positioning for a keyword but more about targeting themes and topics. It is now about using both the main keywords you want to position yourself and the expressions associated with these keywords. By enriching your lexical and semantical content we are able to get you long-term, high-quality SEO results.

E-commerce sites do have their own challenges… However, our tried and tested SEO services do deliver results.

Our SEO agency has the skills do your SEO on any CMS. We are specifically very comfortable with Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce.

SEO is a long-term investment and now is necessary to sustain long-term growth for your business. Organic search engine results have become the most natural and least expensive way to drive long-term high quality traffic to your site. There is no monthly expense with SEO, you do not have to pay for more traffic.

Organic traffic generated by search engine optimization has a much higher return on investment in the long run than paid search traffic. If your website does not appear on the first page for your best keywords, you are missing a very large part of your potential customers.

The strategies and techniques employed by our organic SEO agency follow the latest and best practices set by Google. We try and test our techniques on internal websites and then launch refined versions to our clients. This guarantees that our services will work for you.

Design, implementation, and management is all handled by some the sharpest and most experienced international SEO experts in the field.

Our SEO agency is has a team of complementary experts. Our team’s profiles have years of experience, both in SEO agencies, advertiser and as a professional trainer for companies. In addition to that, we have advanced mathematical skills that allow us to bring an algorithmic touch to our SEO strategies. This combination of strong SEO skills, advanced math and tons of experience really sets us apart from the competition. With this combination, we are able to bring you real results, really fast.

We also are highly motivated to drive conversions (sales or leads) for your business. Getting better rankings and more qualified traffic is half the fun. We mostly want to develop your website activity on the internet to generate revenue.

Search engine optimization improves your visibility on search results, allowing more potential customers find you and or your products or services. Very few marketing services can offer comparable customer quality and return on investment with our SEO services.

We have options available for companies looking for audits and diagnostic SEO reports. We can quickly identify the errors that your website is facing. Our audits are comprehensive and provide a roadmap of what needs to be put in place and timeframes to ensure long-term structural SEO success.

If you do not have an internal webmarketing team to manage the implementation of our SEO recommendations, we can either do it for you or our SEO agency can work closely with your developers to ensure that all SEO recommendations are put built and implemented properly by third parties.

We use many numbers of different SEO tools as well as some third-party tools to provide the latest and most advanced techniques to position our client’s sites high on search engine results.

SEO is an essential webmarketing strategy to increase the position of your site in search engine results. SEO brings highly qualified traffic for a very long time.

SEO has a higher return on investment over time compared to paid search. The benefits of Paid Searching campaigns is that you can acquire more traffic and sales quicker. AdWords is a great short-term technique to make a quick attack on the market.

SEO and SEA are therefore two essential strategies for webmarketing. They actually go hand in hand and work very well together when combined.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, book an appointment with our agency, and our experts will help you to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy to meet your business objectives.

The cost of our SEO services are based on the : 

  • your targeted keywords
  • the history of your website
  • the industry and the amount of work needed to achieve your goals

We work with many different types of companies of all sizes. Whether you are a large or small, we have affordable solutions that deliver real results.

Our SEO experts will assess your needs and develop an SEO roadmap to ensure long-term success for your business.

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