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Put your money where it counts.  Data speaks for itself.

Use your data to influence your ROI

Analyzing and fully understanding your data is key to accurately measuring your return on investment. Optimisations over time results in a marketing tool that will ensure continual and long-term value. With our Data Discovery, Data Science and Data Analytics skills, we are able to monitor and optimize your web marketing campaigns with scientific precision.

Our web analytics services provide you with the most advanced data analysis techniques in Data Science today. We can handle large amounts of data to help you uncover unknown optimization for your business. Your return on investment is going to be going up with this service.

Variant Marketing has an extensive knowledge of the entire Analytics environment: the data collection, processing, and reporting.

Our 360-degree approach and advanced mathematical modeling secures your spot on the internet as we continue into a data-driven economy.

Clear oversight and accurate projections

Our Analytics service helps you gain complete control over your most important digital data. You can have 100% visibility and control over your key metrics like return on investment. We also work with your data you accurately measure future rates of growth and scale opportunities.

We make decisions based on perfect data for your business. We also analyze your account frequently to provide you with a complete dynamic reporting.

With this level of control over your 360-degree analytics, you will know how each and every Euro spent is contributing to your profits.

#Clicks VS #Conversions - 2017 vs 2018 (1 year of data)

# of clicks   # of conversions

#Clicks VS #Conversions - 2017 vs 2018 (1 year of data)

# of clicks  
 # of conversions


# of new visitors increased 48% for the same budget.


Conversions increased 32% compared to last year, same period.


ROI increased 60% compared to the following year.

Advanced 360° Web Analytics

To get the most out of your data, it’s critical to create and implement your analytics so that it’s parlous and actionable to improve your site’s performance. Our complex tools make analysis easier and more powerful. It will scientifically analyze and take valuable measurements against while saving you time and providing valuable information.

Goals and Conversions

Tracking goals and conversions properly is crucial to fully understand what percentage of your traffic is contributing to your business goals.

By measuring micro-conversions, you can identify who and what kind of visitors are behaving in the way you want them to on your website. Our advanced reporting will help you identify these behaviors and then provide insight into improving paths toward conversions.

For macro conversions such as leads or sales, we monitor and measure your KPIs in detail so that you can identify the adjustments needed to generate an even faster and more efficient ROI.

Muti-Channel Funnles

Most of your visitors will end up coming to your site from many different channels, and in unstructured orders. Multi-device navigation and non-first-time buyers make understanding your data even more complicated. Properly analyzing these trends and being able to act on them to increase return on investment requires skill and science.

We provide you with advanced insights into your users’ browsing behavior so you can take full advantage of the best collection and reporting methods.

With our powerful reports, you’ll know where to act and how to influence the best combinations of steps and paths that contribute to your total sales and goals.

Attribution Modeling and ROI

Our attribution modeling allows business to uncover the most minute sources of ROI across all your web marketing campaigns. We are also able to make changes to digital marketing systems to accentuate these pools of undiscovered value  This also provides a concrete means for clear and traceable progress.

We can attribute the costs and benefits at each stage of your customer’s journey throughout your website. We will quickly identify and influence the return on your investment. In the long run, you will be able to control every aspect of your value chain.

Advanced Analytics Methodology

Knowing how visitors browse your website and interact with your content helps you optimize your site’s performance for more conversions.

Segmenting the demographics and interests of your website visitors allows us to get a better view of who your clients are. This data analysis will uncover opportunities to influence your target audiences.

Completely control your web marketing campaigns with the power of geolocalization. We will target just the right audience in just the right places. From country to zip codes or regions and departments we’ve got you covered. We can even do some cross combinations like mixing language (EN) vs city (Lyon).

The User Flow report is a graphical representation of the pages and paths of your customers on your site. We analyze this report to influence the paths and pages that lead to the most goals and generate the most return on investment.

Our custom variables extend the reach of your segments. Custom variables at the user level enable us to identify users based on their total behavior over a range of dates rather than single isolated interactions.