AdWords Training Lyon

Practical workshops on your PPC project, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Hands on AdWords Training and Workshops

Our AdWords training allows you to significantly improve your skills in Paid online marketing and sponsored links quickly and pragmatically.

We do answer theoretical questions, but we focus most of our time to provide you with the hands on skills to immediately improve and work on building your paid online advertising yourself.

Our trainings workshops will give you control over your campaigns that you are directly in charge or that you supervise.

This is a one-on-one workshop that is organized into 3 modules based on your needs and desired AdWords skillset.

AdWords training workshop content

Structure your account


  • Keyword research
  • Targets and settings
  • Campaign creation

Optimize your account


  • Bid adjustments and CPCs
  • Display & Remarketing
  • Dynamic ads

Automate your account


  • Advanced bidding
  • Automated rules
  • Custom scripts

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One-on-one AdWords workshops

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9h30 – 12h30Intermédiaire : Optimiser vos campagnesDébutant : Structurer votre compte
14h00 – 17h00Débutant : Structurer votre compteAvancé: Automatiser vos actionsAvancé : Automatiser vos actionsIntermédiaire : Optimiser vos campagnes

Get the skills you need to manage all aspects of any AdWords account. We focus on real life case studies and help you apply the techniques to your own projects. We will also be able to develop your project at an accelerated speed with Pro help and guidance.

Our workshops are run by experienced and certified AdWords professionals. Come for our skills and leave with the ability to control AdWords by yourself with confidence and reliability.

Put into concrete practice

We will teach you how to :

  • How to structure your Adwords account
  • How to optimize your account
  • How to automate AdWords

You can choose the AdWords skills you want to improve or areas in which you want to automate. We will help you get your project together, off the ground and well on its way.

Variant Marketing knows more about SEO than most of the agencies I've met and worked with in Lyon. I learned more in 3 hours than I learned from others in 6 months. My training was super convenient and useful.
Dr. Mark Edings
Business Manager

Super flexible AdWords workshops

We know that everyone is different and has their own time constraints and needs. With Variant Marketing, your schedule is flexible and adaptable. Our planning tool will allow you to create the schedule that works best for you.

Learn a lot really fast

Our innovative training courses are adapted to many different kinds of people. Whether you are a startup, project manager, or business owner, we can get you the training you want.

Our certified AdWords experts have 10 years of experience in agencies, as advertisers, and in professional training organizations. We will transfer skills to you.

Key points

Get the SEO skills you want to work independently or to be more visible on the internet. Come get a head start on your competition with our Google skills.


Pros to that know how to listen


Transfer of practical know how


Skills to make things happen

Expert AdWords Trainers

Anthony Guarino

Expert Webmarketing

Anthony Guarino - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Web & Internet Advertising
SEO, SEM, AdWords, Analytics
Digital Strategy / Design
Lead Generation & E-Commerce

Christophe Goetzmann

Data Scientist / Mathematician

Christophe Goetzmann - Data Scientist à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

PhD – Mathematics and Coding
Data Scientist – CERN
Founder of FamilyGarden
Analytics / AdWords Scripts

Steven Thomassin

Expert Référencement

Steven Thomassin - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, UX
Google Adwords certified
Digital Strategy / Design
Management & Operations