AdWords automation

Optimizing your AdWords campaigns in real time, 24/7.

Our scripts are designed to dramatically improve the performance of all your Adword’s campaigns. They are fast, they work 24/7, and every decision made is based on robust mathematical models.

Based on our custom AdWords management model, we have created unique AdWord scripts that are built for the specifics of your business.

#1: Position control

Increasing your ads’ visibility, while paying the minimum.

The most important thing for an ad is to be visible at in search results. However, when there are several ads, it is not necessary best to appear in 1st position. Indeed, this position is much more expensive, compared to a click rate equivalent to the 2nd or the 3rd position.

Our position control script allows you to know the number of ads at the top of the page, and the value of each position. The script then adjusts the CPC to allow your ad to remain visible at the optimal position at the best price for your business.

#2: Budget optimization

Spending your budget during the most profitable periods.

Prices on Google Adwords are constantly changing. The quantity and quality of the traffic is too. Therefore it is important to spend your budget during times when the ratio of traffic quality to keyword price is at it’s highest point. The ultimate outcome is a drastic improvement on your return on investment.

Our budget optimization script runs every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. It analyzes the quality of your traffic, the associated prices, and then can dynamically adapt your budget allocation accordingly. Our scripts can even learn from your data, and increase their own performance over time.

#3: Improved ads

Increasing Quality Scores with custom tailored ads.

The Quality Score directly impacts the price Google charges you for your different ads. The higher this score is, the cheaper your CPC is. One of the crucial criteria in the QS calculation is the coherence between the search terms entered by the user and the keywords present in the text of the advertisement.

Our scripts allows us to collect all the queries that triggered your ad and brought traffic to your site in a unique way. We can then measure the performance associated with each request automatically and then select the most powerful queries to create ads with exactly those terms contained in these queries. This results in a guaranteed increase of your Quality Scores, and thus a saving of up to 30% immediately.

#4: Data collection, raw analysis and reporting

Improving performance transparency and monitoring.

Our data collection scripts runs every 30 seconds, non-stop. This allows you to collect real-time data, which is normally inaccessible to AdWords users. The statistics of each keyword are collected, correlated and report on actions to take for improvement.

Our performance analysis scripts then allows you to format your data, so that you can get clear oversight of your accounts. This information also allows you to easily follow the evolution of your performance. Quality reporting is the starting point for any optimization of your strategy.

#5: Google Shopping Visibility and CPC Control

Guaranteeing visibility of your most profitable products on Google Shopping.

Our script measures the performance of each of your products, and the cost associated with each. Our Shopping scripts ensure that your budget is spent on the most profitable products.

#6: Automatic account structuring : campaigns and ad groups

Automatically structure your AdWords account to increase performance.

Our structuring scripts will automatically structure and creation of new campaigns and ad groups based on the most relevant and voluminous search terms.

After identifying these search terms, our structuring scripts will isolate each query and create separate campaigns and ad groups that contain a single keyword. This script allows us to optimize the your acquisition funnel (bid, ad, landing page) based on each and every search term separately. This ensures optimal user relevance and maximum Quality Score across your entire account.

This structuring script also works in a similar way for negative keywords, with the identification of irrelevant search terms that are automatically blocked from serving ads.