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Miss out on nothing. Grow your business with Google right away.

Immediate traffic and conversions

When and wherever people are looking for you and or your products/services, our AdWords agency in Lyon can get you in front of your audience digitally at prices much cheaper than traditional marketing. We go straight for ROI and treat every project as if it were our own. Our success depends on your success.

We are not a traditional marketing agency. Our approach to AdWords is a bit special …. Our digital marketing agency works with a custom process that combines web design and SEO intelligence to create and design traffic acquisition strategies that maximize paid results with minimal expense.

Ultimately, with the increased visibility of your site, the increase of qualified traffic, naturally increases your online conversions from search engine traffic. Google being the most popular in France with more than 90% market share.

We have a unique strength which is the combination of a specialization in Data Science coupled with our AdWords expertise. These rare skills and knowledge together allows us to optimize your campaigns 24/7 with automation based in data. This gives you a huge advantage over your competitors as no human account manager could handle the actions our automation does.

Our AdWords speciAlizations

Search Network

Target your prospects based on the keywords they will type in Google.

Ad Retargeting

Retarget your users on Google or elsewhere on the web through Remarketing.

Display Network

Promote your popularity and make yourself known with branding campaigns.

Google Shopping

Plug your e-commerce products directly to Google for more visibility.

Youtube Ads

Target your prospects based on their interests with the YouTube video themes.


Smartphones are the most used device before computers. See mobile!

Awesome AdWords methodology = performance

Setting up, managing, and optimizing an AdWords account plays an important role in whether or not it succeeds. Our AdWords agency uses an internal methodology that combines Google best practices associated with our experience and our internal technology based on continuous and tailored optimizations. This approach allows our customers to benefit from more precise targeting, a market-driven presence and lower costs, delivering outstanding results in highly competitive industries.

AdWords campaign creation

Anyone can create an AdWords campaign, but creating one that will yield results requires a lot of research and analysis.

Targeting keywords based on their profitability and user intent is key. Designing destination pages to lead your traffic further down your conversion tunnel and writing engaging and transformative ads leads to sales. We dig through your entire AdWords campaigns and make the optimizations throughout every step.

Continuous optimization

Optimizing AdWords campaigns should not be routine and standardized. Winning accounts are not about “setting up and letting go.” Many AdWord Agencies spend as little as 1 hour on your campaigns per week.

We optimize your campaigns in real time, every 5 minutes, based on data from the AdWords platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How? Thanks to the unique algorithms we design, acting on hundreds of factors and in machine learning to strive for perfection.

Whether we are testing your ads, optimizing your budgets, controlling your visibility, or restructuring your AdWords account you can be sure that the quality of our work is top notch and always running at its optimal capabilities.

Performance reports

It’s important that you are kept informed and involved in the performance of your AdWords campaigns. We do not only work for you, we work in parallel with you. You can think of us an extension and amplification of your business.

Our data analysis and algorithms allow us to automatically identify any key metric of interest and react on data at any time for continuous improvement. We can even detect the slightest trends on future keywords and take action on them before you competition even gets the news.

We incorporate the enormous data we accumulate to provide you with quality, transparent and understandable reporting that will allow you to move your business ahead of your competition.

An agency focused on profitability

Rapid results and strong growth

Acting on dozens of different factors, our robot scripts make it possible to customize your AdWords account for your business, industry and specific situation.

More profits for the same budget

Our targeted and calculated optimizations ensure that you always get the lowest possible costs to reach your predefined goals.

Minimized advertising expenses

Our real-time learning and optimization algorithms adjust your accounts to guarantee lower costs and more conversions.

We use advanced math and science to analysis, design and build AdWord accounts. Your Analytics data will also help us to deliver the right message in the right place, at the right time. Most importantly at the lowest price.

AdWords campaign management is a business in its own right. Most AdWords agencies will do routine manual optimizations on your account, they end up just letting your campaigns run and then come back to them sometime later to check results. Variant Marketing uses custom-made scripts, tailored to your goals, to optimize with precise precision, 7/7 / 24, your online advertising performance.

What makes the difference? Awesome experience combined with Math and Data Science. We are committed to being on top at all times and to exploit all possible opportunities the moment they arise.

Our typical AdWords agency roadmap


Let’s meet

Come meet our AdWords agency. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you plan your project. We can review all your needs and then clearly define your goals and objectives to deliver. We will get off to a great start.

1st week

Audit and planning

We will head back to the office and begin reviewing your current situation. We will design an action plan to get you where we want to be. This is called your BluePrint and it will lay out the next six months ahead.

1st week
2nd week

Validation and kickoff

Here we will get back to you for your validation on our BluePrint. We can iron out all the details and get your validation to start structuring your AdWords account. We will also define a campaign launch date.

2nd week
3rd week

AdWords account creation

We go back to the office and start setting up and creating your AdWords account and campaigns.

3rd week
4th week

AdWords launch

On launch day, we can finalize any adjustments you may need and then validate the launch. Your ads will be visible by the end of the morning.

4th week

Analysis and adjustments

We implement algorithms to monitor and analyse the collection of your data every 5 seconds. Our competitor agencies perform these adjustments maybe once a day, but more commonly once a week. We also provide custom analytics reports so that you can stay fully informed about the changes made to your account.

Every month

Monthly meeting

Each month we will discuss with you your results and the success of your goals. We will analyze the data together and discuss opportunities for growth and future optimizations of your campaigns.

Every month

Frequently asked questions

Search engines such as Google and Bing allow companies to place ads on internet search results through PPC. (Pay per click). These ads have greater potential than natural organic results because there are normally 4 ads at the top of the page and every preceding page thereafter. They also blend into Googles search result page not making organic results even less visible than before.

The need for a paid search strategy set up by a specialized AdWords agency is no longer an option but has now become a necessity to be competitive. If you want to be visible, acquire more qualified traffic and boost profit on internet search engine results, AdWords is a must.

Keyword selection, ad creation, testing, performance tracking, and constant bid adjustments are all activities that go into managing an AdWords campaign. The highly technical and time-consuming factor of this activity greatly compromises the performance of a company on the internet if it is not entrusted full-time to a dedicated SEO agency.

And again, it’s not enough. Entrusting the management of your paid search campaigns to an AdWords agency will not necessarily guarantee you an impeccable follow-up. AdWords agencies and their account managers manage multiple customer campaigns at the same time to expand their customer portfolio and revenue.

Unfortunately, the more things an AdWords agency manager has to do, the less time they have to spend on each individual adjustment or optimization. Today, manual management of AdWords accounts don’t get clients to far. Normal agencies spend only a handful of days per month optimizing their customers’ campaigns. So yes, results are achieved but rarely do they reach their full potential.

At Variant Marketing, we have developed AdWords scripting technology and robots that enables exponential optimization of your campaigns. With continuous automation and adjustments based on your accumulate data, we ensure fast and efficient, improvements to your bottom line.

We manage paid search campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. With these two platforms, we are able to cover almost 100% of the visibility on search engines in France.

However, our AdWords agency focuses primarily on the Google AdWords platform. Today Google represents more than 90% of market share in France, and it is necessary to have a deep technical knowledge of this platform above others.

Therefore we offer unique technology targeting paid search through AdWords. With the application of artificial intelligence and automated scripting, we launch, manage and optimize your campaigns, in order to give you the fastest and most performant results today.

Generating new customers is important for any business wanting to grow. Online advertising via Google AdWords is an integral part of a well-crafted internet web marketing campaign. If you need instant traffic, leads and or sales for your business, Paid Search (PPC) is a wonderful starting point. You get the benefits of immediate results and total control over your advertising spend. This budget also ends up being much cheaper than traditional marketing and faster.

Paid search results (AdWords ads) have been growing in popularity for search engines and internet users. Today there are more than 4 AdWords ads positioned above natural SEO results (not counting the Google Maps results). It is no longer possible to not incorporate and combine paid search with your other acquisition channels. It is not the same as SEO, but it actually works hand in hand with each other.

Even if your organic position for a keyword is quite good (at the top of the first page), your page will lack visibility because it will be below the fold (the hidden part of your screen before you scroll to the bottom of the page). We are here to make sure that you are visible in both SEO and PPC to maximize your exposure and the acquisition of qualified traffic.

Yes, our certified Google AdWords consultants manage your Google shopping campaigns for your e-commerce site.

Since their launch in 2010, Google Shopping ads have become a highly profitable marketing channel for AdWords advertisers. 10 years later, Google’s shopping updates have dramatically changed the pay-per-view landscape and have gone from a free optional sales tactic into a must-have ad format for e-commerce today.

The volume Google Shopping Ads brings in terms of traffic volume is now a significant percentage of search. They are now dominating most smartphone searches and Google has even started showing ads in image searches.

Google Shopping ads are synonymous with strong growth, and for many sellers and resellers, they are now a key component of strong brand awareness and a source of competitive advantage within your industry.

Google AdWords Remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows you to serve targeted ads to people who have already visited your site. These known visitors will then be able to see these ads when browsing other websites, keeping your brand in mind and being helped to return to your site

Remarketing, also known as retargeting. It can dramatically increase your repeat visitors. Repeated visits directly affect conversion rates ROI. This is also one of the cheapest types of PPC acquisition channels in AdWords.

Our AdWords strategy regularly consists of testing multiple platforms, ads, keywords or bids. Our main goal is to generate leads and sales at a profitable return on investment.

This requires extensive research and testing to refine a solution that can provide quick consistent results.

Paid search offers companies a controllable and regular flow of highly qualified traffic. It is an essential contribution to any web marketing strategy and works hand-in-hand with SEO.

With an increase in visible on search results, you increase the number of users and potential customer that are interested in your product or service.

SEO (natural referencing) is the process to achieve better organic traffic with targeted search keywords.

SEA, also known as paid search, consists of ad placements situated above and below the natural search results.

SEO usually has a better return on investment in the long run, but the process can take several months to have the desired results.

The SEA, on the other hand, are also a great source of traffic. Traffic improvements are immediate and very targeted.

In the big picture, SEO and SEA are very complementary services that should be in any digital marketing strategy in today’s internet environment.

All of our AdWords Consultants are Google certified for Display Advertising. You can count on our years of experience to create a winning Display Strategy for your business.

The Display network is often used for retargeting purposes and with graphic design, you can boost your status and reputation of your brand online.

Yes. We have built our own custom management solution that adjusts all our CPCs, Budgets and Keywords in real time.

Our algorithms can determine if a CPC adjustment is needed to reallocate budget order to obtain a better and more efficient return on investment.

The best part about Paid AdWord Ads is that you can set a budget that you are comfortable investing. We are able to work within any budget to deliver the qualified traffic. You set a monthly budget and we will allocate it to keywords, ads, settings, etc. to maximize profits.

In case you are not sure what should be an appropriate budget, we can provide data and advice on a starting amount. We can identify your markets search volume and can project where the most tangible and interesting results will be found. We optimize over time by adjusting your accounts according to the returns you have generated.

As a general rule, your AdWords campaigns should have a monthly starting budget of about €500 to get the most out of visibility opportunities. These advertising costs are charged by the search engines.

As for our management fees, they are calculated based on a percentage of your expenses, or by monthly payments. Contact us for more details.

In many cases, your website will be just fine to start with. We will look at your website and start targeting what is already working for you. We will identify whats not working and then readapt those pages based on user requests.

This is something that we analyze from the beginning of our collaboration: thanks to a UX audit (User Experience) and your Analytics data (bounce rate, time on page, conversion rate, attribution modeling), we identify the key points of your landing page, and then work on different versions to see which work best to obtain desired results.

As soon as we click that green button in AdWords to launch campaigns. The strength of paid search is that we have full control of your visibility on search engines. You can start and stop and any time, day, period or even vacation.

Over time, as we’re able to collect data about your campaign results, and optimize your AdWords budget for campaigns that deliver the best results. We focus on improving your ROI.