Client Case Study :  Lyon English

Lyon English has some of our most powerful technologies built right into their website and digital marketing strategy/technology. See what our SEO strategy and AdWords campaigns have done for their bottom line. Profit.

English classes in Lyon

Lyon English is a school that has been teaching English in Lyon since 2016. Variant Marketing listened to what they needed and answered their call. They told us that they needed to maximize their organic visibility online and build AdWords campaigns for each keyword related to learning English in Lyon. We did the research for them and redesigned their website. We launched our custom built Adwords scripts to control the position of ads, maximize real-time visibility and reduce overall costs. Variant Marketing’s flawless execution resulted in a very profitable business.

AdWords: Higher traffic and lower cost per click.

Variant Marketing was able to drastically reduce the average CPC for Lyon English during the first month by using our powerful scripts to analyze data and then make crucial changes in real time.

# of clicks   Average Cost per click

The red line represents the average CPC (cost per click). It reached its highest level in May of 2017, at almost €2.00. After launching our scripts, the CPC dropped significantly in less than one month. We were also able to reduce their AdWords budget by 200% while maintaining the same number of qualified clicks.

Thanks to our awesome work, Lyon English was been able to adapt their previous AdWords strategy. They now had a lot more budget to spend. They decided to launch their AdWord campaigns into mobile and tablet devices with the savings in the budget.

Result : more clicks while maintaining the lowest cost per click.

Variant Marketing launched another script to manage the organization and structure of the entire  AdWords account. This also increased quality scores and decreased costs.

Organic / natural referencing

Lyon English asked us if we could increase their organic positions on Google. We took the AdWords data and designed a new website hierarchy. This new design was based on the semantic web design and worked perfectly.

Within 6 months, the implementation of our mind mapping, then our semantic cocoon and our scripts worked just as we wanted. Lyon English exceeded their objectives and became profitable from the first day after launch.

From page 100 to top 3 positions for all keywords

Within the first 6 months, Variant Marketing managed to position all strategic keywords for Lyon English on the first page of Google. 80% of them are now in the top 3 positions. You can see on this report by SEM Rush, the drastic change in position against some of the biggest competitors who have been in place for years.

The blue line represents the average position for all the keywords for which Lyon English wanted to be visible for. You can see that within 6 months we have taken the lead against some of the biggest national competitors in France.