Meet the team

Search Engine Marketing +  Data Science

Who is Variant Marketing?

Variant Marketing is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency for any large or small company that wants to secure a long-term competitive advantage by digitizing, automating and optimizing their Web Marketing efforts. We are specialized in Search Engine Marketing and take a precise data-driven approach when designing, building or managing our client’s accounts.

Variant Marketing - Agence de Référencement à Lyon

Motivation and Goals

Why did we start Variant Marketing?

Our Observation:

Most of the work of any serious Digital Marketer consists in analyzing data from the accounts he is managing, and make strategic decisions based on these data. But the growing amount of data makes this task more and more difficult. Most of the time, the analysis is not deep enough, because it takes too much time to go through all the available data, and not precise enough, because it is impossible for a human to find the patterns and correlations that are hidden in this large amount of data.

Our Projection:

The recent collision of Data Science and Web Marketing has now only compounded this problem. With the increase of data, the chance of making wrong DM choices has also increased. The endless possibilities of data has now rendered itself as either largely going underutilised or overlooked. It soon will be impossible for a humans to deal with these challenges and taking valuable action on data will ever increasingly become harder.

Our Hypothesis:

With even more data to come in the future, Digital marketers will need help from AI to be competitive in their Digital Marketing accounts. We believe the winners will be those who fully master their data in a way that brings value and efficiencies to their bottom line.

Our Goal:

Our main goals is to design and build the smartest SEM Robots to excel in a new Web Marketing paradigm. They will dedicate 100% of their time to optimizing accounts, not 1 hour per week as conventionally practiced today, but 24 hours a day / 7 days per week.

Team member bios

Bringing some of the best experts together under one roof.

Anthony Guarino

Anthony Guarino - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Expert Web Marketer

Anthony is an American living in Lyon with significant international experience, originally from Washington D.C. With 10+ years of experience as a Digital Marketer, he has worked for many international and national companies on varying internet marketing projects.

Anthony is specialized in the following areas of Digital Marketing:

  • Web & Internet Advertising
  • SEO, SEM, AdWords, Analytics
  • Digital Strategy / Design
  • Lead Generation & E-Commerce
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Christophe Goetzmann

Christophe Goetzmann - Data Scientist à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Data Scientist / Mathematics

After a PhD in physics and 3 years at CERN, I chose to reorient my data science skills towards web marketing. I now develop innovative algorithms, which put data at the service of optimized AdWords and SEO account.

Christophe is specialized in the following areas:

  • PhD – Mathematics and Coding
  • Data Scientist – CERN
  • Analytics / AdWords Scripts
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Steven Thomassin

Steven Thomassin - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Expert SEM / PPC

Steven is an expert in SEO, AdWords and Web Analytics since 2010, has worked in France and internationally as a project manager in both web marketing agencies and as an in-house advertiser.

Steven is specialized in the following areas of Digital Marketing:

  • SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, UX
  • Google Adwords certified
  • Digital Strategy / Design
  • Management & Operations
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