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Variant Marketing boosts your visibility, traffic and profits
with the additional power of data science


Search Engine Optimization

Boost your organic rankings on Google for qualified and long term traffic.

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Pay Per Click

Generate leads and sales through Google AdWords while controlling your budget.

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Data Science

Use your website data to improve your conversion rate & ROI.

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Search Engine Marketing + Data Science

The data science collision with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

For 50 years only finance has been privy to the benefits and uses of Data Science Technology. Today, data science and Digital marketing services and tools are converging. Variant Marketing is on the cutting edge of this new SEM paradigm.

As a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC and Data Science, Variant Marketing can dramatically increase your search engine visibility against your competitors for lower costs. We are using data science  and algorithms to significantly improve the acquisition of qualified online traffic, which naturally increases your website conversion rates.

Why search engines? Because it is the greatest marketing channel ever created. As users are typing into Google, they are actually pre qualified themselves and are naturally in their most mature stage of the decision making process. They are conscious of their needs and are typing a search to find results. We can get you in front of theses searches at the right time and location.


Kill two birds with one stone

Leverage the benefits and synergies of doing SEO and SEA at the same time.

SEO and paid search are the 2 essential components of Search Engine Marketing. These two fileds have typicall remained seperate but today with data science we can do both at the same time.

Rather than talking about the competition between these two professions, we prefer to think of them as one and are determined to tap into the synergy that lies between the two. Combined, this will prove to become the most powerful elements of your digital marketing strategy.

Combine AdWords and fast traffic, with SEO for long-term, and sustainable online success.

Our Vision 

The internet is transforming the way businesses sell. Let us secure your online position for the future.

Variant Marketing is a smart SEO and PPC(SEA) agency that uses Data Science to build the best marketing accounts and technology today. We are based in Lyon, France.

We use proven mathematical and statistical models to help businesses and digital agencies optimize their performance.

We are not a typical SEO & PPC agency in Lyon. We have stepped it up a notch with the use of advanced mathematics, which makes all the difference. We guarantee that with us you will have ultra-fast and optimal results.

On top ofdigital

At Variant Marketing, we focus on Search with SEO, PPC, and of course data analysis. This way, we can deliver the best results found in the field today.

We are building the best technology today to increase your online profits. We can exploit the best parts of digital marketing for your business using our technology.

If you are looking to work with real specialists, with some of the sharpest minds in the Search industry, then contact us ASAP.

Data drivenresults

We provide you with the results you expect to get your digital marketing campaigns in their optimal positions on search engines.

Our Search & Data Science experts work closely with you and your team to understand your goals so that we can deliver what you expect each and every time.

Our strong and unique combination of skills is a recipe for success. We are here to help you make the most out of your data and build your online marketing with mathematical precision.

The agencyto choose

Whether you are in the process of completely redesigning your website or simply trying to increase your performance on search engines,  we can help you.

SEO strategy, AdWords launch, UX and Conversion Rate Optimization… our team has you covered. We will make your SEM a success.

We see ourselves as an extension of your business: a partner team. At Variant Marketing, your priorities are our priorities and we will tirelessly work towards more happy clients.

In short, a team that is...







Your digital marketing consultants

Anthony Guarino - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Anthony Guarino

Digital Marketing Expert

Christophe Goetzmann - Data Scientist à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Christophe Goetzmann

Data Scientist

Steven Thomassin - Consultant SEO / AdWords / Analytics à Lyon chez Variant Marketing

Steven Thomassin

Search Engine Expert

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